Ben Jacobs

Ben Jacobs, Military Advisor

Nahr-e-Seraj, Helmand Province, Afghanistan

“..with the combined wonderfulness of an iPad and software like yours; I am able to organise and effect these changes more easily than ever before.” Read Testimonial

Andrew Bernstein

Andrew Bernstein, Physical Therapist

Ridgewood, NJ, USA

“The animations are very useful in helping them understand what is going on and why they may be feeling the way they are.” Read Testimonial

Sean Kane

Sean Kane, MS, Biology Teacher

Los Altos High School California

“All of the 3d4medical apps have improved the quality of my teaching.” Read Testimonial

Drew Dart

Drew Dart, Physiotherapist, McKenzie Practitioner, Dry Needling Practitioner, Tutor for Me de cine and Physiotherapy
Private Lecturer, Drew Dart Physiotherapy Gosford, NSW, Australia

“I use the app in some way with every patient at some time in the recovery process.” Read Testimonial

Grame Tipping

Graeme Tipping, M.Health.Sc., APATitled Sports Physiotherapist

Budgewoi Physiotherapy Budgewoi, NSW, Australia

“Most of my clients are not anatomically aware and these apps are brilliant for demonstrating and illustrating the anatomy for them” Read Testimonial

Leila S. Jabbour

Leila S. Jabbour, Ph.D., Anatomy & Physiology Instructor

Biology Department, Lakeland Community College Kirtland, Ohio

“In addition to being beautifully designed, the apps are easy to use, detailed and accurate” Read Testimonial

Brian Cooper

Brian Cooper, Master Trainer; E.M.T., N.A.S.M., USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

State University of New York at Buffalo Lakeshore Athletic Club-Flatiron Broomfield, Colorado

“This is a tool I definitely wish I had when studying anatomy and physiology” Read Testimonial

Lacy E. Harville III

Lacy E. Harville III, M.D., FACS, Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

East Tennessee Cardiovascular Surgery Group, PC Knoxville, Tennessee

“There is less fear and anxiety when people better understand a problem.” Read Testimonial

Sacheen Nathwani

Sacheen Nathwani, Medical Student

Imperial College London University, Masaryk University United Kingdom

“I could easily call these applications revolutionary” Read Testimonial

Samuel EA Saikali

Samuel EA Saikali, Medical Student

Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) Kortrijk, Belgium

“I was really glad to see that the names of the structures are indicated in Latin as well, the universal medical language” Read Testimonial

Shamaine Skinner

Shamaine Skinner, Radiologic Technology Student, Denver, Colorado

“I can carry my skeleton with me.” Read Testimonial

Srini Swaminathan

Srini Swaminathan, Teacher at a low income Government school

Teach For India Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

“Finishing school and college broke the cycle of poverty in my life and gave me opportunities that I would have never otherwise gotten” Read Testimonial

Tania Coli

Tania Coli, Physiotherapy Student

HEdS (Swiss Health School) Geneva, Switzerland

“3D4Medical's applications are exactly what I need - I can study whenever and wherever I want.” Read Testimonial

Thomas Armenta

Thomas Armenta, Personal Trainer/Fitness Practitione/Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Armenta Fitness San Francisco, California

“Honestly, 3D4Medical Muscle System Pro III and Skeletal System Pro III are my most used and favorite apps on my iPad.” Read Testimonial