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The Muscle System Pro III featured in Apple's Keynote Address at the 2012 WWDC conference. Watch Video

It has also featured in the Mac Store's 'Apps for College' picks & in the iTunes Healthcare room - which is a small and focused collection of apps for healthcare professionals as selected by Apple

“Muscle System Pro III is an excellent anatomy app that can help you understand or explain primary control and other dynamics of the body. One of my favorite features of the app is the robust amount of 3D animations.”American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT)

“The user will be able to study in detail the structure of the human muscle by the example of the highly detailed model, find the location and name of the muscles, their functions and features.” iLand

“This app is ideal for visual learners and anyone wishing to get a detailed glimpse into the musculoskeletal system...” iMedical Apps

This is a 3D powerhouse of interactive anatomy that every doctor, chiropractor, nurse practitioner and massage therapist should own, not to mention every medical student or anyone interested in human anatomy. Tuaw

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Muscle System Pro

Developed in collaboration with Stanford University School of Medicine,

The Muscle System Pro III gives users an in depth look at the muscle system allowing them to view, zoom & rotate parts of the muscle system as well as watch animations, reveal layers, create notes, share screenshots and more. It is ideal for students, educators and professionals.

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Muscle System Pro III - Features

So what's new in the Muscle System Pro III?

Well lots actually! Including a completely new interface, graphical hints, sound, a pen tool, media for pins, a brand new quiz format, layer transparency, I/O maps and public notes on pins.

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New navigation for easier zoom, rotate & views

As well as still being able to rotate, zoom and get various views with the stroke of a finger users now have many other aids to navigate around the muscle system - such as breadcrumb navigation, a hierarchical map and alternate viewing options on screen for selected area.

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Layers & Maps

The muscle system pro allows users to add or remove up to 10 layers of muscle / connective tissue using the apps scalpel tool to reveal fully labelled muscles. And the ‘mix layers’ button can make one layer semitransparent, which is useful when comparing one layer against another layer. The bones of the skull and pelvis can be color mapped for ease of identification of areas.

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View info, media and public notes for pins

As well as being able to view detailed information on pins, add notes and create custom pins users can now listen to sound and view additional images and / or animations for pins - this is one of the biggest changes to the muscle system. The added sound feature allows you to hear the correct pronunciation of each and every label. The public notes feature allows users to view & create public notes on pins.

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Illustrate & Quiz

The new pen tool allows users to draw on any screen image and then share it through email, Facebook or Twitter - a great aid for both study and demonstration! Choose between a multiple-choice quiz format or our new drag-and-drop quiz format.

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Release Information

Updated: Sep 19, 2013
Version: 3.7
Size: 828 MB
Requires: iOS 7.0 or later
Rated 4+
Updated: Oct 9, 2013
Version: 3.7
Size: 802 MB
Requires: iOS 7.0 or later
Rated 4+
Updated: Feb 20, 2012
Version: 3.0
Size: 831 MB
Requires: MacOS 10.6 or later
Rated 4+


If you are having difficulty using some of the features of the app then we suggest that you view the tutorial in the help section of your app, however if you still need help then you can browse through some FAQ on our support page or just get in contact.

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