Interacting with the Model

The Basics

Selecting Structures

Breadcrumb Trail

Turning Systems On/Off

Isolating Structures

Using the Toolbar


Returns model to original position on screen.
NOTE: The Home button does not affect any hidden structures on model.


Restores all hidden structures on model.
NOTE: The Reset button does not reposition the model.

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Store any scene by bookmarking it and access predefined views. Return to scene at any time by selecting it in the bookmark menu.


Select label using dynamic search function and be taken directly to that structure.

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Draw on or annotate any chosen screen.


Share views from the app via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or add an image to iPhoto.

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Change the app's background color, configurations and turn on/off or customize the Control Menu.

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Control Menu

Make detailed selections on which systems and structures are visible.

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Quiz yourself on any of the app's systems. Also, select subsystems to refine the content of your quiz.

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Multiple Selection

Hide and/or Fade multiple structures quickly.

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If you need further help with your app, you can browse through some FAQ on our support page, or get in contact with us.

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