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About Eye–Practical Series

Review the anatomy of the eye in a fully 3D environment. View any anatomical structure in isolation, as well as from any angle. Turn systems on and off. Get information on each structure along with an audio pronunciation. Take a snapshot at any time, annotate it and share it.

Explain how the eye works, the conditions and diseases that effect the eye and the different treatment options using our 3D animations that all start from the model on screen.

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Sample Animations

The app consists of 19 FREE instructional animations designed to explain how the eye functions as well as the refractive errors that can effect it and then how corrective lenses can restore normal sight. There are also in-app purchase options for other educational animations, designed to explain certain eye diseases and conditions to patients as well as to inform them of some treatment options.

For a list of all the animations available please click here.

Anatomy & Physiology
Color Retina
Refractive Errors
Corrective Lenses
Index Myopia
Open Angle
Hyperopia - Lasik
Myopia - IntraLasik

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3D Technology & Stunning Graphics

Eye - Practical Series is designed to be a seamless and fluid 3D experience and excels where other apps fail. A custom-built graphics engine powers a highly detailed anatomical model and delivers unrivaled graphics.

Through the use of 3D graphics, informative content and innovative features, the Eye - Practical Series offers a rich and engaging learning experience.

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Users also have the ability to pause and draw on any animation with the pen tool to highlight and comment on specific images within the animation and then share that image through a social media site or via email.

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Eye - Practical Series allows users to test their knowledge with its unique functionality, choose between Drag & Drop and Multiple Choice.

Users can even refine the quiz on the basis of regional anatomy.

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Release Information

Release Date: Apr 03, 2014
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: iOS 7.0 or later
Size: 619 MB
Rated 4+
Release Date: tbc
Release Date: tbc


If you are having difficulty using some of the features of the app then we suggest that you view the tutorial in the help section of your app, however if you still need help then you can browse through some FAQ on our support page or just get in contact.

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