About 3D4Medical

3D4Medical is an award winning technology company that specializes in the development of medical, educational, and health & fitness applications for professional reference as well as student and patient education. Our apps are expertly designed to encourage unique learning experiences through intuitive interactivity and stunning 3D visualizations.

3D4Medical’s latest groundbreaking software has revolutionized the teaching and learning of anatomy and physiology, enabling users to effortlessly navigate via cutting edge 3D technology to illustrate the human body. Our technology has also proven to be of enormous benefit to healthcare professionals as a means by which to illustrate and communicate effectively with patients, pupils and clients. The highly detailed interactive visualizations, combined with comprehensive and searchable indexing systems and quiz functions, also make our apps indispensable learning resources for students.

To date 3D4Medical has enjoyed enormous success with over 12 million downloads worldwide, numerous top grossing No. 1’s on the App Store and multiple appearances in iPad and iPhone commercials. The company was also featured at the Apple WWDC, 2012 and on stage as part of the global launch of Apple’s iPad Pro. Our iMuscle health & fitness app has achieved great popularity among sports enthusiasts and gym instructors alike, having been selected as ‘App of the Week’ on the App Store, while our new Complete Anatomy was featured in the App Store Best of 2015. Our medical apps such as Heart Pro have been described by Apple VP, Micheal Tchao, as one of the “best apps ever”.

In addition to developing cutting edge apps, 3D4Medical also specializes in high quality 3D medical stock image production and animations. Our images have featured in Time, Newsweek and The Scientist. Along with our ability to create custom images and animations for clients, we also offer customers an impressive selection of over 40,000 high-resolution images from our database.

the apps

3D4Medical creates apps for the iPad, iPhone, Mac OS, Android, Windows and Flash platforms that have all been medically approved and designed to the highest standard. Our apps span a number of different areas from anatomy, health & fitness to medical reference. Our Pro Series; which features Heart Pro III, Brain & Nervous System Pro III, Skeletal System Pro III and Muscle System Pro III have all been immensely popular with medical students and professionals alike. Other apps such as iMuscle are a must for anyone with an interest in health & fitness.

Our dynamic development team is committed to the delivery of excellence and of our products aim reflect this.

the images

3D4medical creates high quality 3D medical images that traditional photography cannot. When using traditional photography it is difficult to obtain clear illustrative images for the majority of medical anatomy subjects and concepts. 3D is particularly suited to these areas.

3D4Medical’s images and animations have been used on the front covers of hundreds of magazines, books, advertisements, annual reports, news, documentaries and other media. The “Wow” factors in 3D4Medical's images/animations have been integral components to successful campaigns and marketing strategies.

What People are Saying

App Testimonials

"3D4Medical apps are one of the best out there. The illustrations are outstanding and the details are amazing... I highly recommend their apps to anyone who wants to learn more about the human body" - Debbie Lim

"This is one of my favorite apps. I teach 3D ultrasound and find the breakaway views so helpful in comparing ultrasound images with recognized structures This app impresses everyone I share it with and helps me with my work" - Michelle Fox on the 'Heart Pro'

Another truly amazing app from this company. As always - graphics are superb - and the app is full of information. I love this company's innovation and they have great customer support" - iTunes reviewer on the Brain Pro

Image & Animation Testimonials

"As a designer in the Continuing Medical Education field, it is challenging to find medically relevant, realistic imagery to create the eye-catching branding needed to attract our audience. 3D4Medical.com provides a vast array of 3D imagery that is illustrative, contemporary and scientific. They have helped our organization capture the attention of thousands of healthcare professionals in an ever-changing industry." - Janine Cooper, MFA, Graphic Designer, FORCE Communication

"Working with 3d4Medical.com is so easy. The images are stunning, and the service is fast and efficient. Don't see exactly the images required? Let them know and they'll find just what you need. Amazing. The prices are right and the team is responsive and a pleasure to work with." - Margaret Webster-Shapiro, Art Director, McGraw-Hill Medical

The 3d4medical.com team was professional, attentive and provided us with a product for our client that was above and beyond our expectations! We will certainly partner with 3d4medical.com again!!! " - Joy McVean, IF marketing & advertising